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News of our team's research revealing an intriguing 16-year cycle in area of polynyas (holes in sea ice) around Antarctica, as well as a trend of increasing area over time. These findings might mean that Antarctic coastal ecosystems will change in the future, as exposed (ice free) coasts might be able to host seaweeds and other species that can naturally reach Antarctica from further north. Coverage in NBC, SciTech Daily, EOS, Radio NZ, Newstalk ZB, and others,



Coverage of new findings showing long-distance travel of kelp rafts around the Southern Ocean: featured as a ‘Research Highlight’in Nature; also featured by various media outlets including Otago Daily Times; ZME Science;



Media coverage / interviews relating to my Beachcombing popular science book, including in newspapers and radio (RNZ and regional stations).

Coverage of news of new kelp pathogen discovered in New Zealand: The Scientist




Coverage of research recording kelp surfing to Antarctica (the longest biological rafting events ever recorded) on IFLS,, ScienceDaily, The Australian, SBS, ABC radio (various, e.g. The World Today, ABC Sydney [1:20-1:29]), WIN TV, SkyTG24, Europa Press, Cosmos, NZ Herald, E&E News, Daily Mail UK, Tunis Daily News, Science Global News, and more.




ABC News coverage of discovery of DNA from Antarctic geothermal caves. Also covered by BBC News, Japan Times, Australian Geographic, Cosmos magazine, Times of India, IFLS, Forbes and more.



ABC National Radio interview on earthquake and Antarctic volcano research, with Robyn Williams, The Science Show, 19 August.


RadioNZ interview on second field trip to survey changes along earthquake-uplifted coasts in New Zealand.



RadioNZ interview on field trip to sample uplifted kelp in the wake of the Kaikoura quake.


Media coverage of Crid's ACT Scientist of the Year award on ABC online news and ABC TV news, in The Canberra Times and the Sydney Morning Herald, and several other news outlets.


Science Daily coverage of kelp rafts near Polar Front, May 2016: click here; reposted on >20 other online news sites, including

Cosmos magazine article on kelp rafts near Polar Front, May 2016: click here

Other coverage of kelp rafts near Polar Front in, Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald


British Antarctic Survey coverage of Antarctic biodiversity Nature paper: click here

Science Daily coverage of Antarctic biodiversity Nature paper: click here


National Geographic article on Antarctic volcano research, March 2014: click here

ABC coverage on Antarctic volcano research, March 2014: click here
including TV news interview: click here


Radio New Zealand interview on Antarctic volcanoes: click here


Various articles on Antarctic volcano research, March 2014, in, e.g., the Los Angeles Times, Canberra Times, The Australian, NBC News, Science Daily ...



ScienceNOW [online news page of Science journal]. Kelp Raft Carries Marine Stowaways Hundreds of Kilometers. Author: Cassandra Willyard. September 2010.


- Shorter version published in print in Science


Australian Geographic. Sea creatures set sail on rafts of kelp. Author: Julian Swallow. September 2010


ABC Science. Stowaways found hitching ride on seaweed. Author: Katherine Nightingale. September 2010



Reuters. Kelp genetics reveals Ice Age climate clues. Author: David Fogarty. February 2009


New Zealand Geographic. The DNA of climate change. Author: Bruce Munroe. May-June 2009, p 78-79.


Cosmos. Last Ice Age colder than we thought. Author: Gillian Shaw. February 2009


New Zealand National Radio [interview]. Bull Kelp. Interview conducted by: Alison Ballance. January 2009

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